Scholarship & Awards

Nasra School offers Scholarships to deserving students on the basis of merit. If received, students are entitled to different levels of benefits, such as partial waiver of tuition fee, waiver of book fe, etc.The various scholarships are as below:

-Surriaya Rehmatullah Scholarship for Intermediate Studies to the Highest Achiever in Class X.

-Bilquis Siddiqi Scholarship for the Highest Achiever of Class IX- General Group.

-Fehmida Ahmed Scholarship for Highest Achiever in Mathematics among all Nasra Schools.

-Falak Naz Scholarship for Highest Achievment in Biology of Class IX.

-Nargis Farooq Award for the Highest Achiever in English for Class X.

-Sports Scholarship for High Achievement in Sports.

-Nasra School awards upto 10% freeships to students on need-basis.