Safety & Security on Campus


Nasra School gives due importance to the Security of each child within the School premises and School hours. Parents are requested to make transport arrangements keeping the below mentioned timings in mind. In any case of emergency in the city, and inability to pick up students, please call the School and inform the relevant Security Personnel.
Morning Shift 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m.
Afternoon Shift 1:00p.m.-5:30p.m.


All Students, Teachers and General Staff at Nasra School are allocated ID Cards that are compulsory to wear. This measure has been taken to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the School premises, and therefore the rule is followed strictly.


All Nasra School Campuses are equipped with surveillance cameras that monitor all activities, and produce a live feed. Full-time security personnel are employed to keep a close scrutiny, and to ensure that your child is safe.


Security guards at all Nasra School Campuses are provided with strict instructions to follow a standard protocol and safety procedures to ensure students’, teachers’ and staff’s safety. Essential training and guidance is offered so that they perform their job well.


In order to prevent and reduce the likelihood of a fire hazard, all Campuses have fire extinguishers available in easily accessible areas around the Campus. Regular fire drills are also conducted; so as to train students on how to exit in an orderly manner, and eliminate the risk of injury.


No visitors are allowed to enter the campus without a valid photo ID. Irrelevant packages are not allowed on campus and have to be handed in at the Security office at the Gate. In case of emergency or any query regarding the safety of your child, please contact:

Mr. Aftab Alam   Mr. Fasih ul haq
Security In charge  Asst. Security In charge
0300 9238840   0345 3056722