Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali

1922 - 2015

"Keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the Ground"- (Late) Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali

Born on May 28, 1922, Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali is the youngest daughter of late Malik Maula Buksh, a landlord of Goorali Village in Gujrat District, Punjab. Her father was a self-educated man, yet he built a school for the village children. Nasra Wazir Ali attended this school for three years, being the only girl in a class of thirty boys. From Class 3 to Matriculation she attended Lady McLagan High School in Lahore as a full-time boarder.

In 1942, Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali graduated from the Lahore College for Women with a Bachelors degree in English Literature which she passed with Honours. After her marriage to Malik Wazir Ali, a member of the Indian Civil Service, she had the opportunity to travel extensively and live in many countries around the world. It was after partition that Mrs. Wazir Ali wanted to serve the nation and realized how important it was for education to be available to everyone regardless of their status. With this selfless attitude she set up a non-profit Education Trust. It was decided that her school would offer education to children of low-income families in Karachi. Over the years she dedicated her life to the school, hired a team of committed teachers and Head teachers, expanded the schools from Nursery to Matric, built 5 purpose-built school campuses, each offering a stimulating classroom environment, equipped with modern science and computer labs and vast playgrounds to promote sports.

Mr.Zafrulla Khan Malik
1919 - 1992

Born in Gorali on 23rd March 1919, 3 miles from Gujrat on the River Chennab, Mr.Zafarullah Khan Malik was the brother of Nasra Wazir Ali. He acquired an early education in Gujrat, and got his BA degree from Government College Lahore. He was an avid learner and went on to earn his LLB in 1941 from Law College Lahore. Not content with his educational endeavors, he served as an Army Officer in the Second World War for two years. Inspired by The Quaid, he became an activist, touring all over Punjab with Muslim League workers spreading the message for an Independent State. He was a dedicated worker and student leader of the Muslim Students Federation that played a major role in the struggle for Pakistan before 1947. He was a soldier of the Independence Movement under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam.

A man of religion, he was sympathetic to the poor. And so, when opportunity arose to serve the needy, Mr. Zafarullah supported his sister's mission. With his knowledge of Law, he composed the deed of Trust himself and later transferred all the school's asset to The Education Trust. He passed away on July 8, 1992. He lived his life totally oblivious of worldly riches and status, yet, he had the good fortune to see his altruistic dreams come true.