Mrs.Nasra Wazir Ali

We are living in a world of change! We cannot keep our eyes closed while the world advances in technology & information. It is an era of information technology, nano technology, knowledge explosion, competition and so on. We started the School at a time when none of these things existed. It was in a single room in my house, and today it has grown to 5 expansive Campuses! This vision was realized through boundless dreams, efforts, creativity, achievements, knowledge and experiences.

I feel immense pride as each of our graduating students progress in life and they come back, telling their stories of achievements and progress. It was exactly this feeling that kept me and my team going. Today, after 64 years of hard work (and more to come with the Almighty’s Grace), I feel that even today, Nasra School can achieve even bigger milestones. It is indeed a joy! When I see a child at the ECED School who joins us, having no ambitions and set goals, and then the same child over the years, progresses to be a part of the School's Higher Secondary Section. Embarking on a step in our journey through technology I feel proud to present to you our website. It may seem a newer way to communicate but our motives are still the same, strongly grounded, firm as a rock!

Our feet are on the ground, but our eyes remain fixed on the stars.

Mr.Zafrulla Khan

He lived his life totally oblivious of worldly riches and status, yet, he had the good fortune to see his altruistic dreams come true.He was a dedicated worker and student leader of Muslim Students Federation which played a major role in the struggle for Pakistan before 1947.He was a soldier of the Independence Movement whose commander was Quaid-e-Azam.The creation of Pakistan was his biggest reward.

In February 1949,as architect of Education Trust he laid the Foundation Stone of this self-perpetuating Institution that will continue to promote education for generations to come.Thus he will live within all past,present and future students of Trust Schools and of all future institutions of the Education Trust whether they are aware of it or not.Zafrulla Malik's vision is his crown of success. May GOD bless him for his noble work and may his soul rest in peace.Ameen