Alumni Directory


It is indeed a matter of building a strong base, and an enjoyable learning experience that Nasra School intends to provide its students with. If students have stemmed out into valuable careers for themselves! Nasra's goals have been achieved! If our students have matured with tolerant behaviors, as an Institution our dreams have come true! Over years Nasra School has been graduating students all over the City and we are very proud of their accomplishments. Our graduates have excelled in colleges and universities, to name a few: St.Joseph's Convent College Karachi, Government of Commerce College Karachi, IBA Karachi, LUMS and SZABIST. Our Students have and continue to serve throughout the world including UK , America and UAE. Our students have progressed in their careers to be Doctors, Opticians, Judges, Professional Actors, Professional Athletes, Teachers, Surgeons, Finance Heads and Administrators etc. This page will give you a brief profile of our Alumni and hope you enjoying reading about them.

If you are an ex student of Nasra School, kindly email your details at We would love to hear about your memories and your journey through success.