Every Story has a History

Here is ours

A woman who was appalled with the educational status in Pakistan decides to take a stand. In 1949, Mrs.Wazir Ali established a nursery class in her living room, part of a small M.E.S bungalow. In about 3 months, the living room and 3 bedrooms were converted to classrooms. She went looking for a place to move the School, and finally her search was completed.

In 1955, she succeeded inrenting half a house situated at the back of Empress Market-it now houses B.M.B. School.

Mrs.Nasra Wazir Ali and her brother Mr.Zafrullah Khan Malik decided to establish a Trust and transfer the School, with all its assets, to the Trust. It was a momentum step that would begin a chain of events that would define quality education.

Nasra School was registered in 1950 and the memorandum was signed. Mrs.Nasra Wazir Ali had yet further plans. She combined the city to find a perfect plot to continue her worthy endeavor as an Educationist. Finally, in 1957, she located a plot with old stone house and transformed it into her own safe haven that would become a location where thousands of unprivileged would receive education.

Our Mission

To provide High Quality and Economical Education to Children which enables them to serve the nation at the highest level in future.

Our Motto

Our motto is "Tolerance"