Every Story has a History

Here is ours

Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali moved to Pakistan with her family after partition in 1947. The first thing she did, as what all parents do when they move to a new country, was search for a school for her children in Karachi. As there were no schools nearby, Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali began to teach her daughter Shahnaz at home. Back in Delhi, Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali had earned a Bachelor's degree in Education and thought she would utilize her degree and volunteer her services to help the children from the neighborhood.

The neighbours happily accepted her offer, and Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali converted the family's living room of the small M.E.S bungalow allotted to her husband, Mr. Wazir Ali, into a classroom and enlisted some of the mothers to help. This bungalow was situated adjacent to today's M. A. Jinnah Road. Her class quickly began to grow as she welcomed any child looking to learn. In a matter of three months, all four rooms of their home had transformed into classrooms and the family moved into the garage to make room for more students.

Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali and her brother Mr. Zafrullah Khan Malik decided to establish a Trust and transfer the school with all its assets to the Trust. The Nasra School was registered in 1950 under the Trust's Act 1882. This was a significant step that would start a chain of events that would define quality education for decades to come.

Ms. Nasra Wazir Ali did not stop here. She had bigger plans. She combed the city to find a perfect place to continue her earnest endeavor to provide high quality education to the children of Karachi. In 1957, she found an old stone house in Saddar and transformed it into her own safe haven that would later become an institution where thousands of unprivileged would receive top class education. Today the Nasra School System has five large purpose built campuses in Saddar, Malir, Korangi, Super Highway and North Karachi. The Nasra Public Schools (NPS) was born in 2004 as a social enterprise built on the legacy set down by the Education Trust Nasra Schools (ETNS) system.

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable education to the under-served communities in Pakistan.

Our Motto